IPETGAS 2018, the 21st International Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition

IPETGAS 2018, the 21st International Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition, is going to be held on 11-13 April, 2018, in Ankara, Turkey, aiming to gather the petroleum and natural gas industries. This international congress, being a conventional event since 1970, has been organized jointly by the Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists (TAPG), the UCTEA (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) - Chamber of Geophysics Engineers (CGE) and the UCTEA - Chamber of Petroleum Engineers (CPE).

Besides being an important oil and gas consumer, Turkey is one of the major developed markets in terms of physical and legal infrastructure. Furthermore, a new Petroleum Law and related regulations have been introduced in 2014, to increase the domestic production, as well as exploration and production investments. Likewise, the adjustments to the regulations related with the energy markets are in progress.

Considering its geopolitical and geostrategic position, as an important transit and energy potential hub, Turkey is located in close proximity to the region covering the Caspian, the Middle East, Europe and the North Africa. The recent conflicts, in the neighboring oil exporting countries, have once again laid emphasis on the importance of "Sustainable Energy Supply Security". Given the importance of Sustainable Energy Supply Security for governments and the investment security for companies, it is crucial to keep up with regional and global developments and projections.

In addition, the decline in oil prices since late 2014, had an adverse effect on the oil industry, and proved the importance of technical studies before operations in exploration period. Such crises can be turned into opportunities with the help of relevant strategies. Under the circumstances of this low-price environment, the petroleum companies of resource-poor countries that are import-dependent, such as Turkey, have to take initiatives to expand their exploration-production portfolios, by acquiring assets from resource-rich countries. Such technical work can only be carried out by well-qualified, experienced and dedicated human resources.  

Within this context, IPETGAS 2018 Congress and Exhibition will provide a professional discussion platform for petroleum industry stakeholders from national companies, international companies and universities to share their experiences. Throughout the Congress, regional hydrocarbon exploration and production operations carried out by conventional and unconventional methods across Turkey and neighboring countries as well as the Turkish Petroleum Law and relevant regulations, and latest developments pertaining to the transportation, refinery, marketing and storage of hydrocarbon, new and renewable energy resources will be discussed in technical, economical, strategical, legal and environmental aspects. Accordingly, the panels on regional strategic developments, technical sessions, keynote speeches, poster presentations and the exhibition will offer a rich content for IPETGAS 2018. 

On behalf of the Organizing Commitee of IPETGAS 2018, we would like to invite you to participate to IPETGAS 2018 Congress and Exhibition to present papers to share your professional experiences with other colleagues of the petroleum industry, and to exhibit. We are sure that your participation and contribution will provide a great value added to the programme.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Ankara on 11th of April, 2018 for the 21st International Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition...